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I started soaping in 2015 as a way to provide a sustainable, organic product to those looking to change their views and habits. I started realizing back then the insane amount of chemicals and 'filler' they put in just about anything. Including product care for our bodies. Soap is simple. It is oils, water and lye. We don't need to add detergent and surfactants to get creamy bubbly bars of soap that cleans well. Those three ingredients do just fine. I do like to add skin loving additives to almost every soap I make. This includes clays, milks, natural exfoliating elements and so on. I promise you will love every bar you receive. I have also become quite known for my brush soap. 


Outside of soaping, I am a makeup artist and studio owner in Pittsburgh PA. I created my brush soap to be able to safely clean my brushes without any harsh chemicals. I also needed a way to get the damn makeup completely out of my brushes. You know what I am talking about. When that red lipstick or dark foundations is deep in the bristles.. well, I need that out. So I created this brush soap and WOW does it do the job.  I love being artistic is so many ways.. and this career has been a dream come true. I will continue to being a makeup artist as I love to make those feel beautiful and help them find, and learn to love their natural beauty.  Everyone deserves to feel beautiful. 


Now I need another dream....

In 2023 I have a HUGE goal of acquiring land (larger land than I have) and become more self sustaining. I am in process of learning so many new things that I was never taught in school such as farm animal raising, gardening, canning and herbalism. I want a slower, better, relaxed life with my family and I want to build that on my own land. I want to get rid of all the chemicals, pollution, and man made bad for you things in our life and try to make it better for those around me. Nature gives us all we need.. we need to return to that and rely on what this amazing planet has for us. Plans are already moving and I am doing everything I can to get us there. 

Please know when you make a purchase here.. it is going straight into that dream for myself and my family. If you too are on that journey, I would LOVE to hear from you. 


Thank you so much for stopping by. Do not hesitate to email with questions and suggestions. Have a fabulous day!!

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