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Brush Soap

Brush Soap


For those of you who are new around here.. I am a Makeup Artist in Pittsburgh PA. Primarily in Bridal but I also do so much more. My brushes can get so dirty and stained with the amount of work that I do that I needed something that was going to clean them all the way through. Stains and everything. Enter why I started soaping. I created my brush soap and it was an instant hit. I sell out almost everytime a new batch is made and it has been requested for the past few years. Well, I finally gave in and brought back the brush soap and my best selling soaps. 


Made with Saponified oils of coconut and palm. No fragrance. And it wil be the best brush cleaner you will ever use. 


Comes in a 4 oz container that should last you a few months if not more. 

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